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The Opportunity
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The Opportunity

There is abundance of opportunity out there.  The key is to keep searching until you find what inspires you to get up in the morning and keep going so it doesn’t feel like work and sharing that vision with others.


I now  specialise in coaching and guiding individuals within the Network Marketing arena and current align myself with a 15-year-old Scandinavian public listed company. That Company is Zinzino  


I fully understand, this powerful industry is not for everyone but it is an industry that with minimal investment  and hard work will give you the opportunity to learn from entrepreneurs from all walks of life. If you are looking at this industry or would like to know more and understand this industry then I would love to have a conversation with you

Why is everyone afraid of Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is a business model  that is a great concept that depends on person-to-person sales by independent representatives, often working from home.

People  frequently ask me is this ’ network marketing’ My reply is absolutely, I wouldn’t be doing it otherwise!


I get to build an organisation of both customers and team members, and we teach to duplicate what we do. Instead of being remunerated for my sole efforts, I earn based on the success of my whole team.


So if you are a people lover and find meeting and connecting with new people  exciting and rewarding then this may be a good fit for you.

The Appeal 

This sector appeals to those looking to top up their residual income  with the opportunity of earning £500 to £3000 per month in commission while some aim higher  with  building large networks around the world.   Thus enabling them to earn £10,000 per month plus in commission 



“Please note there is no guarantees on earnings and is related to performance related commission, hard work & dedication needs to be applied to any home based business.

Our Signature Product

We distribute scientifically proven , evidenced based supplements  in  collaboration with a long standing DSA registered Scandinavian company.  Our Health Protocol Health Range aligns itself to help with balancing your immune system.

Our Comprehensive  Zinzino Product Range Shop Now

Better health starts with better balance – specifically in our cells, gut and immune system. Starting with a unique test, the 3-step Health Protocol gently balances, restores and boosts the body, increasing your chances of living a healthier, happier life.

What we can offer you

  • The right team to mentor and coach you 

  • Residual income

  • Better Health for you and your famliy

  • Potential commission £500- £10,000 plus per month

  • Incentive trips

  • Long term friendships

  • Personal development  and leadership coaching

  • Phone and Car bonus. 

Online Appointments
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