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About Me
Dr Victoria Manning BM DFFP MBCAM

I am a highly skilled and experienced medical aesthetic doctor, with over 20 years’ clinical expertise. I am one of the founding  Clinical Directors of the award-winning River Aesthetics Clinics with locations in Harley Street, the New Forest & Bournemouth.


River Aesthetics is at the forefront of the collagen stimulation revolution in the UK. I aim to work in a truly holistic manner and pride myself in creating natural results for my patients.


As a Key Opinion Leader and global trainer for serval international pharmaceutical companies,  I enjoy contributing to aesthetics industry media and speaking at national conferences. I spend a lot of my time teaching and mentoring doctors and other medical professionals in the latest aesthetic techniques which also helps to keep my skills and knowledge at the forefront of aesthetic medicine.


In addition, with my GP background I have a special interest in Health and Wellbeing and coaching others achieve their life goals.

Outside of work , I live on the South Coast with my two teenage children and dogs and spend a lot of time bobbing up and down on the Solent  on our rib or walking the dogs in the New Forest.

My Goal

My aim is to align myself with individuals who are looking to add to and/or make a residual income alongside their current career portfolio or potentially those who are at a crossroads in their life/ career and want to gain greater personal financial independence

I have always loved the freedom that having my own business allows, there are ups and downs but the joy of your success and  being accountable to  only yourself and your team is definitely worth it.   As a people person and keen networker I jump at the chance of being able to constantly connect and reconnect with people.

"The dilemma is with who, when and how"

My aim is ask those of you who may be interested, to give me some time to show you a possibility that could meet your expectations and aspirations and open up new opportunities  for you with a view to learning more about the improvements I can help you make to both your health and your wealth.

Health is Key

Image by Brooke Lark
The Concept

Ready meals and processed food have turned our calorie consumption towards vegetable oils, processed meat, sugar, starch and away from complex carbohydrates, fibre and fresh vegetables 


These unhealthy trends have been exacerbated by a 50% decrease in physical activity. So basically our diet has turned from balanced and anti inflammatory to unbalanced and pro-inflammatory. These changes have a profound impact on our health 

With years of experience, ups and downs,  setbacks and knock backs, I believe the home business sector is the right place to start your entrepreneurial journey. 


The investment is low, but the rewards can be high. With hard work, patience, dedication and aligning yourself with the right people with the right attitude, you will be rewarded with access to a wealth of experienced entrepreneurs from all walks of life with your best intentions to succeed.

My Dream

I have never been afraid of hard work, I am a entrepreneur and am always looking for opportunities that will benefit my family and those close to me.


Having been a GP for 20 years, working in both the community and in Prison settings I have met a diverse breadth of society. I was widowed  at the age of 37 with two young children that  I had to care for and provide for. So life  for me has had its moments both financially and emotionally , but as an eternal optimist my glass has always been  half full rather than half empty!  So I have embarked on this journey to make things easier for me in the longer term


The past 8 years has seen me work my socks off alongside my business partner to create an extremely successful, award winning  aesthetics practice and brand River Aesthetics.

 However I'm always probing for new opportunities to create financial freedom…..



So my aim now  is to connect with the right people, and align them with some potential options.  

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